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Japanese Obi Kimono : Large Tote Bag-44

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Tote bag
Absolutely One-Of-A-Kind.
Japanese vintage obi recycled over size tote bag.
Fully lined (kimono fabric: 100% cotton) with pocket: 4 x inside & 1 x outside. Magnetic snap top closure. It comes with a trigger snap hook.
Strap: approx. 19 1/2"

Center of the Bag:
1. Japanese vintage obi fabric. (100% silk) Technique: embroidery. Turquoise blue base color with embroidered Japanese flower on the front. Color: magenta(dye), brink pink, white, gray and yellow.
2. Japanese kimono fabric. (100% silk). Fuchsia rose base color with burgundy & baby pink Japanese bellflower.
3. Japanese kimono fabric. (100% silk). Burgundy & white tie-dyed.
4. Japanese kimono emboss fabric. (100% silk). Burgundy. 5. Japanese kimono fabric. (100% silk). Lilac grey.

Upper, lower stripes & strap: Japanese kimono. (100% silk) Color: black.

pouch pouch side pattern orange  
13 1/4" H x 13 1/4" W x 6" D
Price : $106.00 US