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Kazue West New York Collection
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Born in Japan.
Learned sewing at an early age from mother. At the same time learned embroidery and knitting from grandmother.
Her interest in kimonos and kimono material led to designing Lady's Handbags since the year 2000.
Her product has been proven to be of excellent quality and craftsmanship. Her handbag design extremely unique.


All items are carefully handmade and are made of quality vintage materials, such as silk, cotton, Japanese kimono and obi.

Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Since design, cutting, sewing and finishing processes are done by hand, quantity is limited. All items are not mass-produced and many are one-of-kind. Because most items are made from individual Kimonos and Obis, each with a specific pattern or design, it is only possible to make 1~3 items exactly alike from each individual Kimonos and Obis. However those items made from a roll of kimono fabric and Japanese cotton fabric may be similarly duplicated.

Flowers on EMBROIDERIED BAGS are handcraftedwith ribbon and beads.

Each is individually crafted with care.

Thank you very much for your attention,
and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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