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Recycled Jean Hobo Bag: Clutch Bag-38G

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denim Clutch Bag
One - of - a- kind. Convenient and stylish. Pretty cool recycled jean patchwork clutch bag.
A bag is made from old Jeans and denim fabric.
Fully lined with pockets: 2 x inside, 2 x outside. Zipper top closure.
The bag can be held by placing the thumb in a loop.
Zipper slider : denim tassel with a chain and beads.

Old Jeans, hand-woven (hand-dyed indigo denim).
Color: dark indigo, indigo, blue & light blue.

jean patchwork clutch bag jean patchwork clutch bagdenim patchwork clutch bag denim bag jean bag  
8" H x 12 1/2" W x 1 1/2" D
Price : $109.00 US