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Chinese Satin Brocade Reversible Oriental Granny Bag with Black Tassel & Zipper Pouch

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kimono tote bag
Very cute! The beautiful Chinese satin brocade reversible origami granny bag. It can be turned inside out. A different color and pattern each side. It comes with a trigger snap hook & a removable rectangle zippered box pouch. Dressy enough to go out in the evening and ideal for use in shopping and other purposes.

Strap: approx. 11"(28cm)
Box pouch size: approx. 3" (7.6cm) H x 7" (18cm) W x 4" (10cm) D

Chinese shiny satin brocade. 

One side
Black base color with metallic gold, purple, pink, gold, blue & bronze floral design.

The other side
Pink base color with metallic gold, orange, red & green asian design.

tote bag obi pattern kimono handbag kimono Tote bag Kimono bag  
Price : $84.00 US  

approx. 8" (20cm) H x 15" (38cm) W x 6" (15cm) D