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Japanese Obi 4-Way Fanny Pack, Hip Bag, Waist Bag & Clutch
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obi bag
Gorgeous handmade. Japanese vintage obi bag can be worn four ways - as a clutch, fanny Pack, hip bag, waist bag and a short strap shoulder bag.
Absolutely One-Of-A-Kind. A bag is made from Japanese hakata obi fabric and denim.
Fully lined (100% cotton) with pockets: 3 x inside, 1 x outside.
Zipper top closure. Zipper slider : braid kumihimo with a Okame Hyottoko lamp beads.
+ Material +
1. Japanese Hakata-weave obi: 100% thick cotton.
Technique: woven. Color: midnight blue base color with white pattern.
2. Denim: Dark blue.
Accented with metallic silver line on the front.

++++++++++Mannequin Torso Size++++++++++
Bust: 35h, Waist: 26h, Hip: 35.5h, Shoulder: 16h, Arm length: 24h ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
shoulder bag cross body bag Orange weave fabric pouch @
7" H x 11 1/4" W.
Adjustable belt: approx. 45".
Price : $95.00 US